The Vietnam War

By: Rodney Erickson  Hour 1

Who: The Vietnam war was a battle between the Communist, which was north Vietnam, and the government of south Vietnam. The communist were supported by the Peoples Republic of China and the Soviet Union. The south was supported by the USA. Ngo Dinh Dien was president of South Vietnam from 1955 till his assassination.

What: During WW2, Vietnam became a colony of the French. South Vietnam didn't want to be communist so they fought back. In 1968, North Vietnam launches the test offensive attacking around 100 cities in South Vietnam. The communist won.

When: The Vietnam War started on November 1st, 1955 and ended on April 30th, 1975.

Where: The war was in Vietnam.

Why: Vietnam was split up into the communist and the South. The south didn't want to become communist. The USA helped the south defend themselves.

Interesting fact: Every American that died in that war is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. My uncle, Rodney, died in that war.

Summary: Vietnam split up into the Communist and the South and many countries help both to win the war. The war went from 1955-1975 and was in Vietnam.

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