Business Cards

This Tackk will demonstrate some of the best & worst business cards created.

These business cards are pretty unique because of the style the decided to use as the card. The words surrounding the center make it seem as if they were spinning.

I really like these business cards because of how creative they designed it. When you open it, it reveals the inside of the mouth.

These business cards are adorable! They could attract a lot of attention by using the front of it as an animal

These business cards are awesome because of the design used & how the cards are transparent.

These business cards are awesome because of the colors & the style/shape they're in.

This business card is simple & plain; they should've added more detail & colors.

This card is embarrassing because of how people might look at it; they should've used a different area to put the shapes or just put different shapes in general. It's also too plain & simple; more colors could've beenadded.

This business card is horrible considering the fact that it's not even a CARD in the first place. It could easily get torn, wet, & faded. It's also really plain & dis-colorized, while the font is really small. The cute thing about this is the icon of the tiny little hands.