Minnesota attractions

If you visit Minnesota you should see these 2 attractions.The first one is Superior National forest.It has lakes and rivers.It also covers large areas of northeast Minnesota.It would be a good place to camp if you had the right equipment This is because it has lots of animals in it.Some of them could injure or even kill you!Those are things you need to be aware of.It still could be very exiting for a 7 year old kid.The second attraction is North shore drive.It has attractions around it!These include Split rock; and Lighthouse state park.It would be a very beautiful sight.Also it has waterfalls there and they are beautiful.Like Superior National forest it could be dangerous.There could be animals there too.And its not just that.If you were not in a car and you got onto the rocks where the waterfall started then you could slip.That would give you serious injury or even death.That would be extremely bad for children.Those are 2 attractions for Minnesota.

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