That's me right there in the middle. To the left is my little cousin Reese and to the right is one of my good friends Jasmine. I myself, I love to have fun. If I'm not having a good time, then nobody is. I also love sports. I'm one of those people that would rather be out there on the field than sitting in the stands watching. I've played volleyball, soccer and I was a cheerleader for 3 years. I'm really into fitness and try to work our 3-4 nights a week. I hunt with my step dad different seasons every year. Despite what notions people have about me, I believe I am pretty down to earth. I enjoy the out doors and love to go mudding with our 4-wheeler. Despite my crave for social media, I'd rather sit down with a book at the end of the day than read a dumb post on Facebook. I grew up without much technology. My mother raised me by herself until just 6 years ago we moved to Girard with my step dad and his two daughters. Up until about then I had survived with no cable, dial-up internet, and only the kids who lived around me for entertainment. Even now the only things I have to keep myself busy is an ipod and thankfully my own personal laptop. I say I can't live without social media, but in truth I would be the happiest person in the world if the internet didn't exist. Most of my anxiety and depression comes from things people do and say over social media. I have lost so many people I cared about due to social media. Most all of the people I've been in a relationship had been texting or snapchatting someone else and lost intrest in me because of another person through technology. I'll spare you my sob story. I live on the edge of Girard. Not kidding. The very edge of Girard. You drive 1/4th of a mile down my road and you hit Platea township. Drive 1/2 a mile the other way you hit Cranesville township. Ask any of my friends and they'll tell you I live in "the sticks". We don't get a lot of company out there.

3 interesting things


This year will be the 4th year I've been a hunter. My step dad and I hunt together every season we can. I hunt deer, squirrels, turkey, porcupine, and bobcats. I really enjoy the sport and love spending time with my step dad. He's pretty cool. I guess I added hunting as one of the three interesting facts about me because not a lot of girls my age hunt. Not many boys do either in fact.

horseback riding

Last year i started taking horseback riding lessons from a lady that lives down the road from me. She's a great trainer. I've become such a better rider because of her. I've loved horses all of my life and just up until now we couldn't find anyone to give lessons for less that $45 an hour. Yikes. Now I ride one hour a week and am hoping I can someday compete in the big leagues.


I love to draw. It is one of my favorite pass times. I'd say I'm not bad. Above is one of my latest pieces. I've been drawing practically all of my life. I drew when I was very little and i remember I was one of the only kids that could colour inside the lines in kindergarten. My grandmother loves to draw. We draw together most of the time. I got my art skills from her and she got hers from her mom. My great grandmother was an amazing painter. She was offered a job to be an art professor at a local college campus but turned the job down to be a stay at home mom and raise her kids while her husband was away at work.

My goals

1. My first goal would be to be to become the best horseback rider I can. I'm not talking I want to outshine other people, I just want to ride at the best of my ability. I hope to compete  Nationally someday. I'll just have to keep up with my lessons in hopes to accomplish this goal.

2. My second goal is to practice a lot this summer in hopes to make the soccer team next year. I played soccer in sixth grade and since then my soccer skills have diminished quite a bit. I'll have to practice as much as I can and hopefully my friends wouldn't mind teaching me a few things either.

3. My third goal is to get through high school as painless as I can. I hope to ignore the "haters" and just be myself. The only way I can do this is to surround myself with people who care about me and not let idol gossip ruin my day.  

One place I'd love to visit

I wouls lovvveeee to travel to Greece. I think it is an absolutely gorgeous country. I love nothing more from a destination than the water. If that makes sense.. But if it has crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, I'm there!

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