My Summer Break

The Most Exciting Night of my Summer

A few buddies of mine have always wanted to watch Lynyrd Skynyrd live, we just never had the chance. When we found out that they were playing at the State Fair we had to get tickets. The last hour and a half of the show our dream came true. Skynyrd put on an amazing show even though it wasn't all of the original people in the band. In free bird there was a guitar solo that lasted a good 7 to 8 minutes it was phenomenal.

Our Destination for the Night

The other half of my summer I spent pretty much at Mchale Auditorium. I was technical director for Shrek the Musical and did most of the building. I spent almost everyday up at Mchale either working on Adult Civic's show The Sound of Music or Junior Civic's show Shrek the Musical. The shows brought a lot of stress towards me but it was better than sitting at home doing nothing.

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