Space Exploration

Space exploration is an important topic to me because soon it will impact many of lives.In the future we would have to sometime colonize in space and with that. exploring the outer solar system would be needed.

For Further Space Exploration

I am for further space exploration. The global population would most likely witness a global catastrophe that results in us moving to colonize in space. We would end up moving civilization into space and make a colonization. NASA has sent astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienk into space for a year long mission to test the body and see how it reacts in the zero gravity environment. The reason behind all of this is because soon we will be allowing families to live in space. also, space exploration could end up helping find another planet that can sustain life.

Against Further Space Exploration

There are many people against the fact of further space exploration. From it being pointless to never finding another planet that sustains life there are man many reasons to why its bad. Moving out into space is a very strong and responsible task that NASA would like to achieve soon. The point of going to space and sending mankind to the far ends of the universe is pointless. I am all for space exploration and i think it would be a really great idea.

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