By: Priscila Lopez

Fact 1-Troposphere

1.It's the lowest layer

2.It's the only layer that occurs weather in

3.It's colder in that area

4.It's where we live

5.The troposphere is contains almost all the water vapor

6.The thickness of the troposphere is approximately 7 to 8 km

7.It contains oxygen

8.It keep a small amount of carbon dioxide for plant life.

Fact 2-Stratosphere

1.As you go higher it gets warmer

2.The ozone layer is found here (protects us from the sun)

3.2nd layer

4. It extends to 50 km above the ground

5. strato means layer and sphere means the shape of the earth

6. Some birds can reach the height of the  stratosphere.

7.Life exists here in a form of a bacteria

8.The stratosphere lies between the troposphere and the mesosphere.

Fact 3-Mesosphere

1.Protects us from meteors

2.It's the middle layer

3.It's colder

4.The temperature here is impossible to send a weather balloon there.

5.The mesosphere gives off a little bit of a night glow at night that's why it's not completely dark at night.

6.The minimum temperature there is -90 celsius to -130 farenheit

7.It's the third layer

8.The mesosphere burns the meteors

Fact 4-Thermosphere

1.This layer includes Exosphere and inosphere

2.Gets hotter first because the sun hits it first

3.The northern lights happen here

5.It's the biggest layer of the earth's atmosphere

6.It lies above the mesosphere

7.The only object that could go up there is a space shuttle

8.The temperature can reach to 3,630 farenheit

Fact 5-How is the atmosphere important to us?

1.Keeps us safe from the sun.

2.Gives us weather keeps air in so we could live there

4.Has oxygen that we breathe

5.Keeps us warm but not too warm.

6.It keeps us safe from getting hit from meteors.

7.It's important to plants because earth contains a small amount of carbon dioxide. gives us weather if we wouldn't have rain earth would be bone dry.

Fact 6-The greenhouse effect

Earth gets energy from earth's sunlight.Earth asorbs some the heat and warms us up.That's why sometimes the toad feels hot after the sun has gone down.Earth cools down by giving off a different form of energy called infrared radiation before all the radiation escapes off to outerspace the green house effect asorbs some of the heat which makes the atmosphere warmer.

Fact 7-

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