Close Reading

John Paterson School

What are we going to learn/do today?

What does the term Close Reading mean to you?

*Scavenger Hunt*

- Use your handouts to complete the pyramid activity!

What Needs to Be Considered?

Planning a Close Reading Lesson

It is very important to make sure that the text that you have selected is sufficiently complex enough for your audience. In order to aide you in evaluating the text that you have selected we have included in your packet the Text Complexity Rubric that was provided to you by Wendy in your February Grade Level meeting.

In light of how you have refined your knowledge of text complexity and close reading, evaluate the resources you have brought. Is it a good fit? Why or Why not?

Your Headline

Now it's your turn to create a close reading lesson using your resources.

Online Resources to Explore

Good Source for Sample Lessons for Close Reading:

Good Sample Videos for Close Reading: (The Hungry Caterpillar) (The Hungry Caterpillar Part ll) Mummies Curse Narrative Nonfiction that Tells a Story Close Reading of Dr. Suess’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go Close Reading with a Vocabulary Focus for Grade 1

Choose a part of your work to share with the group!