Darrien Grays

The life of a sleepy guy

Salutations! My name is Darrien, and I just finished up my sophomore year at IUPUI. I am studying Secondary Social Studies Education with a minor in psychology to potentially add that concentration to my license. I like to say that history is my second love behind Beyonce, because I've always been interested in the subject, as well as various other social sciences. I'm taking a class this upcoming Fall semester on early Britain and I freaked out when I saw the course offering, if that gives you an idea of how excited I am. One of my main goals coming into college was to study abroad, and I am hoping to do my student teaching abroad. I graduated from North Central High School two short years ago. I am a student coordinator with OTEAM as well a mentor for First-Year Seminars, and I absolutely love it. We actually started training for this summer's orientations, so saying that I'm tired is a bit of an understatement. I have three sisters, with the youngest being a little over a year old, so that's fun. Last summer, one of my sisters got me a pet turtle named Richard, and he is the best little homie I could ask for.

With the little free time that I have, I love to read, watch TV shows or movies, eat, and of course, nap. I am currently watching Game of Thrones, and re-watching the BBC series Doctor Who (Matt Smith forever). While on the topic of nerdy stuff, I also love Star Wars, Marvel comics, and a plethora of other things, but most of all, Harry Potter. I have a Harry Potter tattoo on my forearm, and I'm currently plotting on irresponsibly spending money on more tattoos. I enjoy almost all sports, but the world's game (soccer) is my personal favorite. My favorite club is Manchester United, so if you're a fan of that other club from Manchester or Liverpool, we may need to have a frank conversation. I don't know how well I conveyed this through text, but I'm a pretty easy-going person and try to make lots of bad jokes. I like lots of things, and I'm open to trying to trying just about anything that won't cause serious bodily harm. So, if you like stuff and like to laugh, there's a high probability that we could be homies. I look forward to learning about teaching and technology with you all this summer!  

One of my best friends Christian and I posing on a rather glorious ocassion.
A friend of mine (Taylor) and myself during an orientation program last summer.
Christmas last year. My older sister (Jasmine) on the left and one of my younger sisters on the right (Tyler). I rarely take serious photos.
Last summer at orientation. This guy has one of the sweetest beards that I've seen in my young life.
Some of my coworkers and the directors of OTEAM at the University College Christmas party.
Last but not least, my favorite homie Richard. He tried to go under a bookcase shortly after this picture was taken.

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