Spinning Wheel

The Odds are Not in Your Favor!

For starters this is a simple design that depicts the idea which is an illusion of a spinning wheel hence the reason what appears the lemniscates are showing smaller sub-proportions of the larger parts of the rose pelt. Imagine a wheel spinning and the wheel is turning as it goes in and out in a sparkling effect. This came from an interesting location of my mind as I enjoy the place where I found this idea after all "the odds are never in our own favor".

Analysis: Well this project is pretty much going to be a repeat of what my Law of Sine and Cosine Graph was going to turn into. The only difference now is a graphing plane that uses different planes!

I Experimented on this graph for a small portion since I did not really know that this project is going to be due; this was thrown together at the last minute using mostly Roses and Lemniscates to shape this graph. Cosine helped create the most simple base of the main petals of the rose while Sine helped shape the full wheel by creating spokes of the wheel. The Circle makes the overall shape of what I was trying to establish using the Polar Graph.

I Learned that Cosine and Sine can be the function of many if not all Trig graphs that we have explored this past year, but this time on a different graphing plane. This Graph was if not already a thought during the introduction to Polar Graphs unit.

I did enjoy Working on this assignment, but this was very rushed since I was back by one whole phase as i received the first phase during the day before it was due. This Project did help me understand the graphs much better, yet the question still remains is if the Cosine and Sine Graphs can be combined to make one complex shape.

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