Website Review & Critique

Website: ScreenR

The interface on the website called ScreenR is very simplistic and easy to maneuver. After using a couple of different screencast sites I feel that ScreenR has the most useful interface. I use the ScreenR webpage a lot with students in the classroom. Everybody who uses ScreenR can have a screencast completed within a few minutes. If you are unhappy with a screencast you can easily delete it and move on to a more refined product. In order to record your voice on the screen just press record. If you want to pause and get more organized you can easily just press pause. This website is engaging for me because it is simple and useful.

This website on the other hand is very busy to the eye but I find very useful. I often use in my classroom when talking about current event stories. The students enjoy this website because it briefly shares a video to better understand a story. Each clip is between one and three minutes. It allows for a lot of information to be shared and understood to a wide range of audiences. If a student wants to know more information about a current event they often have links to further the investigation. This site is useful when trying to relate past events with current events. I also enjoy other similar news sites such as,,