Cyber Bullying

By: Alyssa Jordan Wilson

This artical is about cyber bulllying and why it needs to end now .

Cyber bullying has become a huge impact on the lives of young teenagers. Aproximatly 4,400+ people die every year due to bullying. From the looks of it not many people are doing much to help. More people need to step in to get this issue cleared. These children are giveing up their lives because, of being called names or being beat up. A child Poebe Prince was once alive but, Never able to face the teens who bullied her. She was cyberbulied and did nothing to stand up for herself. She was scared and lonley. Suicide hotlines can become very helpful. But, is everyone who is thinking about suicide calling ? The answer is no. Why ? Some may think waist of time. Others may think it does not help. These issues are becoming harder to face.

  We encourage anybody out there to step in this crisis to help these kids. Saving somebodys life can change yours. We loose kids to bullying everyday. Sites such as twitter, facebook, myspace and instagram need to be overlooked. People post videos about how someone is ugly or fat. Just mean words that need to be checked. You don't have to be their friend but, You don't half to bully them either. How would you feel if somebody took their live because, YOU were bullying them ? Change the world but, first you half to change yourself.


  • Please call in if thinking about suicide
  • 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Save a life with just one call

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