La Aula De Fama (Hall of Fame)

Andy Garcia

Andrés Arturo Garcia Menéndez also known as Andy Garcia was born on April 12, 1956 in Havana, Cuba. When he was five years old, his family moved to Miami, Florida, after the failed of Bay of Pigs Invasion. His profession/job was an actor in Hollywood. His first break came as a gang member on the very first episode of the popular TV series Hill Street Blues (1981). He appeared in a supporting role in 1985's The Mean Session alongside Kurt Russell. He has a quote that says, "You are define by who you are, by your choice in life, in all regards, not just doing in movies." In 2001, he was nominated in Oscar and awarded as the Best Actor in Supporting role in The Godfather: Part III. His mother is Amelie Menéndez, a teacher of English, his father is René Garcia Nuñdez, an attorney and avocado farmer in Cuba, and his older brother is Reñe Garcia. He has a wife, named Marivi Lorido Garcia. He also has three daughters and a son, named Dominik Garcia-Lorido, Daniella Garcia-Lorido, Allesandra Garcia-Lorido, and Andres Garcia-Lorido. Some of his interesting facts are (1)he was born with an unusual growth on his shoulder which turned out to be a   twin that had't fully developed, (2) he met his wife at Miami bar called "The Coconut Grove," and (3) following his  positive high school experiences in acting, he continued his drama studies at Florida International University.

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