Utep was found in 1914 as he Texas State School of Mines and Metallurgy and it later become Texas Western College in 1949. It become  The University of Texas at El Paso in 1967.  In fall 2014 enrollment was 23,097, 9,817 undergraduate and 3,262 graduate students. Utep has the the largest population Mexican-American with a 70%. UTEP campus is located on hillsides overlooking the Rio Grande, with Juarez, Mexico, within easy view across the border. The university is dived in 7 section is section is a degree offered.

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Recommendation Letter

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this for Sydney Lopez for the admittance into the University of Texas at El Paso. Ms.Lopez is a determined and a studious student, she obtains a friendly and positive persona. When faced with an obstacle she always finds new & creative ways to overcome her academic issues if any, with also a growing fascination to know of the inner mechanisms of things unknown to her.

One of the many assets Ms. Lopez processes is her ability to be well rounded. She demonstrates her ability to juggle her love for sports and academic achievements fairly well. For the time i have known her that her drive for her future to be bright is only growing.

I have no doubt that Ms.Lopez will be an incredible asset with her admittance, and I believe that Utep will be no less than pleased with her performance. If you have any questions about Sydney Lopez feel free to contact me at Daniellajvd@yahoo.com or at (915) 897-5631.

El Dorado 9th grade academy

El Paso TX. 79938

Cell: (915) 897-5631

Persuasive Essay

When you grow up you start realizing the importance to grow up a future. You start realizing that what you imagine as a child is not what is really is. There is a certain point in your life where you have to decide what you want to do. I’m in or almost in that point, i have been thinking what i want to be. As i have been thinking ok what i want to be, I came up with being a psychologist, and to become one i have to attend to a University. I would like to attend to UTEP because I will like to succeed and have a brighter future.

Having a good education will most likely make you succeed in life. Most of my family have a degree and i have seen how easy to them life is and they don't have to sacrifice not to see their family to give them a good life. They got a job easily and that inspires me because i have seen how people stress over not having enough money. I would like to have a job that i love doing instead of having a job that i'm stuck with without liking it. I want to have enthusiasm and have a motivation to work every day and give the best.

Having a degree will help me to have a brighter future by building more opportunities and gain more experience that can make my career bigger. If its possible throughout the years i can gain recognition and have a good economic. It can help my family and others that are in need. I want to have a career where my family is proud of me and i can get to be someone in life.

I want to built up a career that can help other people and i want to succeed and life. Succeeding in life help you in avoiding problems like i don't have a job, i don't like my job or i don't get paid enough. This are the reasons why i want to attend to UTEP so it helps me prepare my future.

Cover Letter

Sydney Lopez


1837 Joe Battle

May 25, 2015

Good afternoon,

Im applying for the position that you are offering. I have had experience managing and working for other companies.

I'm currently going to UTEP , and studying for a psychology degree, my grades are good. I have volunteer for animal shelter and i have had some experience with some animals. I face challenges in a positive way and i'm ready to face others. I never give up and i work professionally , i never mix personal and professional issues.

I want to thank you for considering me for the position and if i get the work i'm not going to disappoint you.

Sydney Lopez

18049 Montana

(915) 878-2435

College Advertisement


Sydney Lopez

5790 Grant

El Paso Tx 79938


Objective- Is to gain a job as a psychologist that will grow my knowledge throughout so it make me have a better experience.

Skills and Abilities- I have studied psychology that make me able to know about many disorders humans can have.

Education- El Dorado 9th Grade Academy

University of Texas at El Paso with a degree of psychology

Employment History- Best Buy, El Paso

Manager (March 2014- December 2014)

  • Managing stuff
  • Checking if everything if everything is ok and verify employers are doing what they are said to do
  • See if there is any abnormalities

Admission Requirements

For each category an ACT score of 20 or higher is required and a combined  sat requirement of 920-1010.

Cost and Tuiton

Career Description

Ppsychologist is human thought study of human thoughts, emotions and behavior. They diagnose mental , emotional and behavioral disorders. The starting annual salary  is 67,880 ($32.64 per hour).

Job Requirements

Psychologist education requirements are undergraduate degree in psychology (2-4 years)  Graduate degree (master's or doctorate). A state license is required.


Is a UTEP tradition were there are many events such as a parade, tailgating and a football game were you can meet new people and make new firends.

Degree Plan

This degree plan requires completion of 45 upper-division hours. ESOL Track Students who completed ESOL 1311 and 1312 will need to also complete ESOL 2303 Psychology Major All courses listed below are required :PSYC 1303 | PSYC 3101 | PSYC 3201 |PSYC 1301 PSYC Elective Major electives Criminal Justice Minor All courses listed below are required: CRIJ 1301 | CRIJ 1306 | CRIJ 1310 | CRIJ 3300 | CRIJ 3313 |Upper-Division CRIJ

Foreign Language Select a sequence from the following options:

  • SPA

(show more)Foreign Language

Block ElectivesBLOCKS: Complete eighteen upper-division hours from the blocks below, with three to(show more)Fine and Peforming ArtsHumanitiesSocial and Behavorial Sciences


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