Etiquette Assignment

Lauren Eihusen Period 5

* When sending a email make sure to watch your capitalization. This is important because who ever your sending it to may think your yelling or just being plan rude. Also respond swiftly not long sentences. Because the reader might be confused on your answer or the topic. Always include your name, because someone might get confused on who is sending it if your username is partyman262. When sending a email make sure you spell correctly, just incase someone sees your mis-spelling and thinks its a whole different word. Don't reply to spam, it may cause virus, or it can even crash your computer. Spams are normally saying you won something even when you didn't enter any contest! When forwarding stuff or making a attachment, make sure you check the back round information. This is important because a virus can show up on yours and/or the persons your emailing computer, and after a while attachments are plain annoying! After you write an email re-read it because you may have some mistakes, or even what you were about to send made no sense what so ever! You may have even typed something you didn't mean.

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