Two Tackkers will win a $250 GRAND PRIZE for telling us how they made 2013 their year. Want to win? No need to conquer the world. Pick the one thing that mattered to you, tell us what it was and how/why it rocked your world,

The One best Thing That I did in 2013 was Spend New Years eve in Downtown Cleveland Ohio. The Reason It rocked is because It was my first new years Downtown. and I had never seen anything like that live and in person outdoors on New Years Eve. I was also a volunteer for the party so I was able to get access to certain gates that regular people going to see the event could not even go past and though I eneded up fatigued before the night was done I still came back to enjoy The Fireworks at Midnight and The volunteer Pizza. I was able to listen to the voice of Local Celeberty Drew Carey as he was speaking on Stage. And I felt this was ten times better than Watching The Ball drop On T.V. I also made several Comments about the night on social Media.

#CLErocksNYE what a night had some great pizza was at hospital for fatigue feel much better. #HomeinCLE #Besthometownever#couldusesomebettersportsteams#Everythingisgreatotherwise

and even

#CLErocksNYE Good evening my mistake. I will be volunteering from 5pm-midnight.#AwesomenightinCLE #homeinCLE.

That was the best New Years Eve Party I Have Ever Seen.

I did not take any Photos at the event because I did not have a camera Though.

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