Isabella d'Este

Renaissance Character Profile, Mr. Norton- 2/25/2014

Where did Isabella live?

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Dates: May 18, 1474 - February 15, 1539

Nationality: Italian

Family: born into the Ferrara family, rulers of Ferra, Italy. She may have been named for her relative, Queen Isabella of Spain. She was the eldest in her large family, and by accounts of the time, her parents' favorite. The second child was also a girl, Beatrice. Brothers Alfonso -- the family heir -- and Ferrante followed, then two more brothers, Ippolitto and Sigismondo.

Leonardo da Vinci's muse.

Isabella had a very sad looking face. Her eyes were large and she had an oval face. She was described as having been physically attractive, albeit slightly plump; however, she also possessed "lively eyes" and was "of lively grace".

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