Peop!e Like Us! - "My Love"

Everybody wants to be like us!

Label: Green Park / Bliss Corporation
Release Date: February 2015
Genre: Electro House


1. My Love [Extended Mix]

2. My Love [Radio Edit]

Here the brand new release of "Peop!e Like Us!",  a powerful track, big sounds and great impact on the dancefloor...
The song, with its two different mixes, is available in digital distribution.

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DJ Fresh - My Love (Extended Mix) love this track
Marco Marcelli - My Love (Extended Mix) Nice house track
J Christy DJ - My Love (Extended Mix) Epic track!
Riccardo Rostellato DJ - My Love (Extended Mix) Good very good
Roy Thomas Dahl Frogner - My Love (Extended Mix) My love i like it
DJ Chris Lewis - My Love (Extended Mix) fun and bouncy !! a real toe tapper
Dj Erik S. - My Love (Radio Edit) Nice one will try this out !
Stefano Vaglio DJ - My Love (Extended Mix) Good track
dj niki matteo - My Love (Extended Mix) great party song
lee roden - My Love (Extended Mix) great track will work well on the dancefloor
DJ ELi Couture -  My Love (Radio Edit) This Is a Breath of Fresh Air! Job Well Done
DJ DiRRty HaRRi - My Love (Extended Mix) great track !
Herbie - My Love (Extended Mix) Nice electro track with catchy breaks
DJ Vic Santiago -  My Love (Extended Mix) great for opening the evening
Nyte Hawk - My Love (Extended Mix) giving a listen
DJ Shadow My Love (Extended Mix) like this version best
Joe C DJ My Love (Extended Mix) Track has good energy
Subwiz DJ My Love (Extended Mix) I love it! I'll add it to my playlist
Marcelo Domingues My Love (Extended Mix) Novidade na programao!
Jorge Perilla My Love (Extended Mix) Great Music and we supporting 100%
Dee Jay Santi My Love (Extended Mix) Fresh Fresh and ultra fresh summer sound
Pava DJ My Love (Extended Mix) Very nice this track, I'll add it to my playlist

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