Feudal Japan

This is a samurai warrior dressed for battle to protect the Daimyo

What is Feudalism? Feudalism  is  the political system in the Middle Ages, in which lords gave land to vassals in exchange for loyalty and service.

What led to the rise of Feudalism in Japan? The cause of the rise of Japanese Feudalism is Daimyo hired samurai warriors to protect them and be "loyal" so Daimyo offered protection, financial security, and social status.

What are three art forms from ancient Japan and how did they impact/influence society at that time period?  Japanese Castles impacted the society by they were used for military installments (increase of vassal), Swords were used in battles to protect and defend  the   Emperor, Daimyo, and the lord. Also another art is samurai armor, to protect samurai warriors and help defend.

The social structure of feudalism in Japan is classes. These classes are The Samurai Class, The Farmers/Peasants, The Artisans, and The Merchants. The Samurai Class: The Samurai Class is made up of samurai warriors that protect and defend their lands, lords, and their people. The Farmers/Peasants: Were superior to merchants and artisans because they produced food that all the classes depended on. The Artisans: Even though made useful and/or necessary goods like clothes, cooking utensils, and swords. The Merchants: Merchants were ostracized as "parasites" who profited from the labor of the more productive peasant and artisan classes. Not only did merchants live in a separate section of each city, but the higher classes were forbidden to mix with them except on business.

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