Redskin mascot controversy

1.Write the title of the article and the autor's name.

Mascotism and the Redskins

2. Write a brief summary--what is the main idea presented in the article?

This article is about the word "redskins" how the natives feel about the word,where the word originated from,and how natives were treated in the past.

3. Lift a line--choose something from the article that you think is particularly interesting. Copy the line word for word and then explain why you chose it.

"For almost 100 years, in the name of progress, Native children were forced into government-sponsored, denominationally run boarding schools where many were abused physically, sexually, emotionally and spiritually, and where many of them died. The rallying cry to civilize/Christianize Indigenous children was 'kill the Indian, save the child.'"

This line is interesting to me because it tells me how for years native Americans went through death and abuse because the government did not want them to define their culture.

4. Make a text-to-text connection. How does your article relates to the one we read yesterday.

My article relates to the one we read yesterday because.they both tell me how native Americans felts about the "redskins"

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