How to make playdough
by: Jorja Wolfe


Playdough is fun to make with friends. There are a lot of different kinds of play dough, you can buy it or make it yourself. It can be much more reasonable in your price and more fun to make on your own. If you decide to make it at home you will need materials, decide a color, directions, and important information about playdough.


There are certain materials that you will need in order to make playdough. Most people will have these materials around their house. However, if you don’t you can easily find them at your local store. You will need 1 cup of water, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, food coloring, sauce pan,and 1 cup of flavor.Lastly you will need ½ cup of salt and 1 tablespoon of cream and tartar sauce.


combine water ,oil,salt,cream and tartar sauce,and food coloring in the saucepan and heat until it is warm.

2.Remove from heat and add flower.

3.Stir then knead till smooth.The cream and tartar sauce makes the dough last 6 months or longer.So reset the temptation to omit this ingredient if you don't have it on hand.

4.Store this dough in an airtight container or a ziploc freezer bag.

These will be the directions to making the play dough.


If you are making play dough you might want to have a color because if you don't you will have boring play dough.You can color it by using kool aid and you can also use food coloring.

important information about playdough

play dough is not good for children under three years old.If you are allergic to any of these ingredients Id recommend not playing with it or making it. vegetable oil,salt,cream and tartar,and also food coloring.The cream and tartar sauce make the play dough last longer.Keep away from dogs and other dough smells like people food but contains lots of salt,and a hungry dog can eat enough to cause a dangers salt imbalance.


Now you have learned everything you need to know about how to make play dough.You have learned the materials,directions,The color and lastly important information about playdough.Now all you need to do is have fun with your play dough.

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