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Do you know that beavers can live up to 12 years?And they are rodent.

Beaver Family
6 to 8 beavers live in one dam.And they have a beaver mom and dad the mom has to 4 to six baby"s. Mother beavers Every spring they have more baby"s beavers that are born they are call kits.

Safe In Dams
Beavers are safe in dams like us.
But it take's a long time to make one dam.
you need to go far away from  water that is safe.And they walk really slow so the hunter can eat the beaver.

Beavers Eye's
When you go swimming do you need something for your eye's so you can go underwater right?
But a beavers eye's is different from are's.They have built-up eye's
so they can swim under water with out getting there eye's red.

More About Kits
When kits are born they can walk.But they can not leave the dam they don't know how to dive but they can float on water.
When kits are older they like to play with each other out side the dam.

Beavers Teeth
Do you know beavers teeth are orange?They get food by gnawing with there teeth.They need to keep gnawing not for food so there teeth don't get long.

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