all 6 principles designs

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                                                              All six designs

_______________________________________________________1.Well when you have balance you have to have the right amount on a page, its kinda what like I am trying to do right now. It would not be right if you had 50 words on one side of the page on 10 words on the other side of the page. So i you want to be balanced on a page try to make it even.

3. justification of  elements

giving information out and kind of like advertisement (notification)


Consistent pattern of font and color schemes and graphic types; repeated fonts,color schemes, or graphics

Scheme examples

n a publication: all the Headings are keyed in 14 pt. Arial font andthe Body is keyed in 12 pt. Times New Roman font. or all the text is in the same font type/style.The graphics that are used all relate to thetopic of the publication.

5. contrast

the use of color and size to emphasize themost important elements on a page. for example: Use black font on a light pink colored page. Use white font on black paper. Use light gray on dark blue

6.White Space

White space is: blank or negative space on a  page