Announcements 04/20 - 04/24

We do have a few announcements this week. First, I will be proctoring the PSSAs on Tuesday 04/21, Wednesday 04/22, and Thursday 04/23 for this week. I will not be available by telephone on those days and we will NOT be having class chat this week.

I will be available via moodle message randomly throughout the day. Please leave me a moodle message if you have questions.

This picture was taken in a classroom from Havana, Cuba. You may be surprised to know that they have a really good school system in place in Cuba, despite its poverty. I know this picture is at the elementary level, but I thought you all may also be interested to see pictures from this grade level as well as high school.

What countries would you like me to search for?

Also, want to watch an awesome video of a giraffe giving birth. Last week one of the female giraffes at the Dallas Zoo gave birth to her baby. Here is the video of the birth! It is super cool watching a life be brought into the world. ENJOY!