Keondria Hardwick

Emerging Trends in Communication

Online Electric Vehicles

- Wireless technology will be able to deliver electric power to moving vehicles. This will help to save gas money. We will not have to worry about spending a lot of money in gas or spending a lot of time pumping the gas.

No-Touch Interfaces

-The computer or television will adapt to us rather than the other way around. We no longer have to get up and touch. We can just make one simple move to type something or change the television channel.

The Web of Things

-Smartphones will interact with our car, houses, even other objects. This will help to connect with our house or car much easier by allowing us to do different things, when we're away.

Massively Online

Games such as world of war craft, are multiplayer online. Instead of playing against the computer, you will play against other people in real time. We no longer will have to play against the computer. We will now be able to play against someone else online that's not even in the same house as us.

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