Meeting consumer protection laws

by courtney singleton

The law gives customers protection against unfair selling practices. You do not need to know specific Acts but you do need to understand how fair trading regulations protect consumers.

Advantages: One advantage could be that customers would trust the businesses with the law behind them because if there was something wrong with the product they could return or purchase another it depends on the way the business deal with this type of problem.

Disadvantages: One disadvantage could be that if there wasn't any laws customers wouldn't really trust them/their products.

The consumer has basic legal rights if the product is:

  • given a misleading description
  • of an unsatisfactory quality
  • not fit for its intended purpose

This is an example of unfit for its intended purpose if a customer was given this they have the right to return this to the shop they purchased it from and get a full refund seen as they can not repair this type of accident.

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