Diamond Ranch Academy  

Diamond Ranch Academy is a licensed residential treatment center based in Utah.

About Diamond Ranch Academy           

Diamond Ranch Academy is a licensed residential treatment center based in Utah. The Academy has worked hard to cultivate an environment that does not feel like a hospital; rather, their treatment center makes students feel comfortable and relaxed. By mimicking a real life environment, Diamond Ranch Academy aids students in developing traits that extend beyond their facility. Additionally, Diamond Ranch Academy is certified as a school by the Northwest Accreditation Commission.

Diamond Ranch Academy is focused on offering treatment combined with education. The education system is not one that frustrates students. Instead of having an entire class study and take a test together, Diamond Ranch Academy offers coursework that is self-paced. Before one can move on to the next chapter or section, Diamond Ranch Academy requires that the student passes an exam with an 80 percent score or higher. This ensures that each student truly masters the material before more difficult work is presented. When entering Diamond Ranch Academy, each student receives a customized syllabus based on individualized goals and future career plans.

The therapy system at Diamond Ranch Academy is also unique. When each student enters treatment, Diamond Ranch Academy reviews each student’s needs and develops an individual plan for improvement. From there, Diamond Ranch assigns an individual therapist to the student. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all therapy program, Diamond Ranch Academy makes sure that each student is paired with a therapist who understands what he or she is going through and can assist the student in overcoming that trouble.

Typically, students who enter Diamond Ranch Academy have a low level of self-esteem and respect toward family and authority, have a lack of motivation at home and in school, suffer from anger outbursts, have been diagnosed with ADHD, lie to or manipulate others, make wrong choices, or are struggling academically. Diamond Ranch Academy aids each student in connecting choices with consequences, both good and bad. Through Diamond Ranch Academy’s therapy, school, and outside offerings, it can address any problem area a student may face. In the end, Diamond Ranch Academy ensures that each student is ready to be a lifelong learner outside of the facility.

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