Muslims During the Crusades

Diana Nuñez World History

Muslims have been around since the 17th century. They were really religious and fought in the Crusades.

To Muslims, Jerusalem was were previous prophets were involved with the city. Especially Muhammad,who is believed by the Muslims to be a messenger for God, or Allah. They had also been commanded to pray towards Jerusalem as well. "Muslims were initially commanded to pray toward Jerusalem." (Rhode, Is Jerusalem Sacred for Muslims?)

They thought the reason for the crusades was that the other groups were afraid of them rising to power. They thought they were all high and mighty and tried to succeed to what they thought was going to happen. But really, if the Muslims hadn't acted irrationally, there wouldn't be a war. GOD.

Nothing really happened to the Muslims. They had actually thought there was nothing to worry about at first. "To be honest, they didn't even know that there was something to be concerned about at first."(Cline,  Perspectives and Religion in the Crusades) But through that, they joined the war out of religious fever. But even that, the Crusades didn't affect Muslim art, architecture, or literature.

To Muslims, all of the other groups didn't worship god at all. That's another reason they wanted Jerusalem, they thought the other groups weren't using it for the correct purposes. But then again, they technically all thought the same thing. :[  The Europeans won the first crusade but there were a lot of other ones too.  

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