Diane Harkey

Dedicated California Representative Diane Harkey

About Diane Harkey

With the November election, Diane Harkey currently serving as a member of California’s 73rd State Assembly district, has become Board-Member-Elect on California's State Board of Equalization. Having spent three decades in the corporate finance and banking sector before focusing on public service, she is highly regarded for her expertise in such areas as cash flow, budgeting, and unemployment problems within the state. Diane Harkey is an active advocate for taxpayers, and as the 4th District Board of Equalization Member, responsible for Orange, San Diego, Riverside, Imperial and the southern section of San Bernardino Counties, she will focus on retaining jobs in Southern California. Diane Harkey will work to streamline regulatory and tax policies and conduct workshops for individuals and businesses to explain the complex tax rules in the state.

A longtime resident of Orange County, Diane Harkey graduated cum laude from the University of California, Irvine with a bachelor’s degree in economics. Working in the banking sector, she served as a vice president for many years. In 1987, she got involved in politics, actively supporting the 1989 incorporation of the City of Dana Point. Diane Harkey later served as a trustee for the Capistrano Valley Symphony, member of the Chamber of Commerce, and President of the Capistrano Beach Community Association before being elected to the Dana Point City Council in 2004, and as mayor in 2007. A year later, she ran for, and was elected to the State Legislature.