Dickinson Bankruptcy John Hartley Write a fantastic theatres story in six months, the challenge

Six months ago, I shared you a writing project that was important to me: it was for me to write a fantastic theatres story in six months you regularly sharing the progress of my work Dickinson Bankruptcy john hartley website maps and tips for you succeed to write your own book.
I arrived here at the end of these six months. I'll send you the results of my work.
Time spent writing

The number of hours I could devote to writing was highly variable during these six months.

During the first weeks, I managed to reach about 4 hours weekly dedicated to this work.
When moving to the stage of detailed map of my fantastic theatres story, I had less time. It is sometimes passed many days without I open my files.
Recently, I managed to find a more productive pace with one to two hours of daily work.

Quick summary of work

I simply gives the headings of the major steps I followed to write my fantastic theatres story. Dickinson Bankruptcy john hartley website maps You will find detailed advice in the articles.

Search my fantastic theatres story idea.
Further thought about my idea.
Make sheets characters.
Consider the premise on which the story unfolds.
Develop comprehensive plan for my fantastic theatres story.
Develop a detailed plan of my fantastic theatres story.
Write the fantastic theatres story.

For each of these steps, I've also made reports (under the heading The challenge of the blog).
Balance Challenge

As I have announced recently, I have not managed to finish in time to write my fantastic theatres story step. Here are two main reasons:

With hindsight, Dickinson Bankruptcy john hartley website maps I think that becoming a mother for the first time and start at the same time a great challenge writing is not inconsistent but asked to leave the possibility of flexibility in time management... and therefore in the time that is given to write!

In addition to learning a mom and writing challenge, I also learned blogging! I confess that I did not realize the work involved in running a blog. I spent a lot of time writing articles to help you to respond to your comments, advise novice writers by email, etc..
Lately I have also established my coaching Write Like a Pro through my newsletter. This took me to spend several hours a day to write emails coaching and examples that I publish weekly in the games category of writing my blog.
In summary, I have to say that very often, I did not follow my own advice: I worked on my blog rather than my fantastic theatres story. Dickinson Bankruptcy john hartley website maps However, I'm sure you do not mind!

After a few lines of explanation about the constraints that have prevented me from my successful challenge, here are a few words about my successes!

Firstly, for ten days, I finally managed to take a regular rhythm writing. Of course, this requires some constraints like... get up at 5am to have time to work before waking my daughter.

Second, and this follows directly from my first success, my fantastic theatres story is going well! At the moment, I wrote about 35 pages which is 18,364 words. I still have a vague idea of the final number of pages and I prefer not to set me on this issue. However, if I had to give an approximation, Dickinson Bankruptcy john hartley website maps I would say that my fantastic theatres story will be about 200 pages.

My plan for the future

I intend to keep writing rhythm minimum of one hour per day, five days a week. This will allow me to continue the progress of my fantastic theatres story to finish it as soon as possible. Ideally, I would have finished writing the next two months phase.

At the same time, I want to continue to maintain this blog by posting articles that will help you achieve your own projects.

Of course, I also want to continue to offer a weekly example of game writing from the fable The Fox and the Crow Jean de La Fontaine.

I hope to succeed in these three areas!

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