Dickinson theatres Bankruptcy John Hartley If you want to capture the attention of your readers, reead this article:

Dickinson theatres Bankruptcy John Hartley If you want to capture the attention of your readers, reead this article:

All writers dream of writing a novel that gives the reader want to read to the end. Dickinson theatres Bankruptcy story John Hartley ND Here are five tips to get there.

1: The hero of the novel must desire something
Writers tend to play introverts observers who believe that thinking equal depth. However, if the main character of the novel does nothing but testify that surrounds and deliver his thoughts on world events, it quickly becomes at best boring, at worst downright dull. A good character must be driven by the desire for something. The desire is the engine of life and fiction.

2: The hero of the novel has to do something
Many writers create fictional characters that sometimes things. But they are few to think of characters that cause events. It is not impossible to write a good novel in which the protagonist is entirely a victim of circumstances and events, but it is very difficult, and it is very likely that readers are irritated to see a main character as passive. Dickinson theatres Bankruptcy story John Hartley ND So why not try to invent a hero who acts on the plot and leads the action?

3: Prioritize history
In a novel, the reader prefers, this is in order: the story, characters, theme, atmosphere / decor. All these elements are interrelated, and in good fiction, they help to improve each other. But if you need a favor, so you can concentrate on the story, the plot. This is the best way to interest the reader.

4: From the style, but not too
Writers should care for their style and most importantly, avoid clich├ęs. But not too much need. If your novel is written too much, it may ring true. To test your prose, do not hesitate to read it aloud. This will allow you to gain insight into the problems of length, rhythm, punctuation, etc..

5: A little humor does not hurt
Some authors tend to think that to look serious, a writer must avoid any form of humor. Dickinson theatres Bankruptcy story John Hartley ND A wrong. The comedy is also essential that the tragedy in the apprehension and analysis of the human experience.

How to describe a place?

Here are some ideas to help you recreate the magic words of a place and the excitement it provides.

The descriptions of places are often difficult to succeed because they are accountable for what the characters see, but also what they feel. Roman mythology designated as the genius loci, the spirit of a place that revealed its special atmosphere. But how do you recreate the magic words of a place and the emotion it brings? Here are some ideas that might help you:

Use the metaphor of the body
Comparing a city to a body is a classic of literature. Is it not often read the phrase the heart of the city? A now you apply this metaphor instead you want to describe. If your city, town or neighborhood was a human body, which would be the heart and head? According to you, the center of the city correspond rather to the head or the heart? Dickinson theatres Bankruptcy story John Hartley ND And to make the entire body with your city, you only have to find each of its members and its organs. Locate the water in all its forms (river, pond, pool, fountain...). Where are the centers of economic, political and religious powers? Where are the cemeteries, universities... You can get a satellite to help you. From all these, you will rebuild the human body and then you use the attributes of the various parties to enrich your descriptions of the corresponding scene.

Observe the passing of time
Whether presented in day or night, in January or middle of July, the place of your story will show different things and reveal multiple environments. To familiarize yourself with these changes and allow you to realize a fair: be attentive to the passage of time. If your story takes place in a location near you, go on site at different times of day and night, stay there a moment to feel the atmosphere well and notice what is happening locally and proximity. What you see but also what you feel and hear. Because the atmosphere of a place is often perceived through the five senses. Repeat this little exercise during the year to assess the impact of the seasons on this place. Dickinson theatres Bankruptcy story John Hartley ND Then you remember all these elements, you can also take pictures.

Mention the past
When you describe a neighborhood, consider yourself about what took place there. For he was the site of a great battle or an important event? As for the name of the streets, who or what he is talking about? Evoking the past places where your action takes place can help you describe the emotions of your characters.

Immerse yourself in your memories
You struggle to describe the emotions and sensations of your characters when they are in a specific place? To access the right words: immerse yourself in your memories. Search first a place where you felt calm and safe. Try to remember the characteristics of this place and rate them. Then do the same exercise for a place where you felt particularly uncomfortable and try to find the reasons. You can repeat this exercise for each emotion you want to describe, to understand how the characteristics of a place can have an influence on the characters.