Dick Norman, Grape City - Grape City Co-Founder and Dedicated Missionary

The co-founder of MeySen Academy and the Bunka Orient Corporation (now Grape City, Inc.), Dick Norman has spent most of his life helping others. Currently serving on the advisory committee for MeySen Academy, he served as a member of the school’s first board of regents after helping establish the institution in 1967. He also served as a board member of Grape City from 1988 to 2012. Prior to his business ventures, he spent four years serving with the United States Air Force, followed by more than a decade of independent missionary work both in the U.S. and Japan. During this time, Dick Norman traveled throughout Japan speaking to people about the gospel in areas such as Morioka, Marumori, and Yamato.

In addition to his work, Mr. Norman has helped and provided support to the people affected by the 2011 earthquake in eastern Japan. After the devastation, he provided financial and material support in the form of food and bedding to help fill the immediate needs of those affected. He subsequently spent two years visiting the individuals and families who were displaced and living in temporary homes offering words of encouragement.