Army and Wealthy

Nicholas Albert Plante of the Realm of Derry

At the beginning of the simulation the Army and Wealthy was given 200 MSU's. The Government had 20 MSU's, the Guerillas had 60 MSU's, and the Peasants had 0 MSU's. The Guerillas launched an attack which failed. The Military gained a few MSU's and the Guerilla Squad lost some.

The Army and Wealthy signed a peace treaty with the USA which gave the Army and Wealthy some of the USA's MSU. We used to MSU to combat the guerillas. We also silenced Troy for being a bitch. The Guerillas signed a treaty with the Army and Wealthy which sent a majority of the guerillas to the Peasants, declared peace, and unsilenced Troy. It was a bad day for the Army and Wealthy as they lost some MSU but the Army and Wealthy were still dominating in the power department.

Day 2 begin with a broken non-aggression treaty. The Guerillas broke a fresh treaty with the Army and Wealthy by launching a fierce offensive. The Guerillas won the battle; but barely. The Army and Wealthy did NOT launch a counter attack. The day ended with many proposed treaties with the Peasants.

Day 3 started with the guerillas again on the aggressive. They vigorously attacked the Army and Wealthy but to no avail. Again, many proposed treaties were tossed around between the peasants and the Army and Wealthy.

The Guerillas ended up winning the vote by using corruption and destruction of human values.

The power shifted so much during the game because in a real world situation power can change easily. People do not conform to rules that they do not want to follow. People do what they want. The Peasants did not like the Army and Wealthy holding all the power so they vote for the Guerillas.

1. The Army and Wealthy had the power through out the game but after the votes happened; the Guerillas were the clear winners. The USA was a quiet power in the game.

2. Power shifted because of treaties, aggression, skirmishes, and other exchanges of MSU's.

3. Conflicts were mainly between the Guerillas and the Army and Wealthy. Compromises were made between the USA and the Army and Wealthy, the Guerillas and the Peasants, and the Guerillas and the Government.

4. The USA had the power to obliterate all the factions. Naturally, the USA is a powerhouse. If America wants something done, they get it done.

5. Power shifts are positive and negative depending on what happens after. If a successful government is created then it can be considered positive.

6. Two examples of conflict/compromise:

Compromise: one time when I stole a book from my brother we worked out a compromise; he let me read it if I returned it.

Conflict: Dylan Dumont spat on me in school because he has swag and he wants to 1v1 rap battle me at DP.

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