Dictator Tackk Instructions

Single party states place great emphasis on the talent, intelligence, insight, single-mindedness and courage of their leaders. Their parties provide the support structure, but they could be termed single person states, such is the extraordinary power of their authoritarian leaders. When studying the rise of single party states, we must consider the significant role played by the growth in status of its leader.


Each of the following Latin American leaders falls under the umbrella of authoritarian ruler or dictator. You will be creating a Tackk about the dictator from your assigned country that highlights the characteristics listed below.

Leader Options

  • Fidel Castro (Cuba)
  • Hugo Chavez (Venezuela)
  • Francois & Jean-Claude Duvalier (Haiti)
  • Manuel Noriega (Panama)
  • Hernandez Martinez (El Salvador)
  • Augusto Pinochet (Chile)
  • Juan Peron (Argentina)

What characteristics are common in a totalitarian leader?

  • Physical Characteristics – size, physical appearance, personal magnetism, show of strength and power
  • Intelligence, spiritual depth, ability to articulate a program of reform, and advancement for the nation
  • Personal skills and qualities such as public speaking (oratory), writing ability, personal charm, magnetism (charisma), and the ability to project an aura of confidence, sincerity, etc.
  • Ability to recruit and gain support of other powerful leaders and cultivate a large following among the general population
  • Personal history – evidence of heroism, courage, personal sacrifice, and struggle against injustices, whether real or perceived
  • Fanaticism and commitment to succeed
  • RUTHLESS STREAK!!!! (EX. Use of secret police to eliminate opposition)

Tackk Requirements

Your Tackk or other technology presentation tool should contain the following elements (30 points each competency):

1. A Profile of your leader - (A Competency)

Produce a biographical profile that highlights the life of your leader (see the list of characteristics above). This detailed paragraph should focus in on your dictator’s authoritarian style, especially on his ruthless streak!

2. Audio, Visual, or Artistic Element - (P Competency)

  • First, you will need to find an audio or visual clip related to your leader. This could be a YouTube video, a Podcast, a song, or a piece of artwork (ex. propaganda poster).
  • You must embed this element into your Tackk.
  • Finally, in an extended paragraph, analyze any dictatorial qualities that are seen in your chosen piece.

3. Creative Piece – (N Competency)

Create an original piece of writing that reflects on the legacy of your leader. Some suggestions include:

  • A poem
  • A journal entry
  • A speech written in the guise of your leader
  • A letter written by your leader, about your leader, or addressed to your leader
  • Original artwork

4. Essential Question – (P Competency)

Design an essential question addressing your leader’s impact on Latin America and the world. Your Tackk should provide sufficient information to address this question.


You will have the entire class period on Monday (4/18) to complete the assignment. If you need additional time, you will have until 10:00 pm Monday night to complete your Tackk. After that time, teachers will assess your final assignments, collect the most comprehensive Tackk for each dictator, and present them in an online Dictator Museum for use in class on Tuesday (4/19).


(link can be found below, if necessary)