Different Types of Strawberry Plants

Strawberries are amazing! They are delicious, you can make sinfully tasteful desserts with them, and on top of all, they are healthy! Now, the strawberries you would buy in a supermarket tend to be a little tart with grainy texture, because the sugar in them converts to starch right after you pluck them from the plant. So, it's a good idea to consider growing your own strawberries in the comfort of your own garden. With technology developing ultra-modern ways of gardening, you can now plant strawberries in plastic self watering pots and place them on your balcony, in your arm's reach! Here are the basic things you need to know before you start growing your own strawberries:

Types of strawberries

Generally, there are three types of strawberries: the june-bearer, the day-neutral and the ever-bearing strawberries.

  • June-bearer:

These are probably the strawberries planted in every garden, as they are the most popular type. They take up to 2-3 weeks in June to produce large fruits, hence the name. These strawberries can be divided into 3 sub-categories: early season: harvesting period starts in late spring and lasts till day 12 of June; mid season: harvesting period starts from day 7 till day 20 of june; and late season: from day 13 till day 26 of June. This type of strawberry is perfect for growing it in a home garden; for instance, it can flourish perfectly in plastic self watering pots, as long as it has enough sun and moderate, amount of water.

  • Day-neutral strawberries

They are unique. They mainly give good yield in the first year after being planted, and in milder years they will continue producing fruit till October. The thing about these strawberries is that they give too small strawberries; much smaller than the ever-bearing and the June-bearer type.

  • Ever-bearing

Most of these strawberries are hybrids. They give two harvests, one in spring and one in summer or fall, if the climate is mild. If you are growing this type of strawberries, make sure to cut the runners when they develop enough, because this plant concentrates all it's energy in the runners rather than the fruit. So cut the runners if you want bigger and luscious fruit. Like the other two types, the ever-bearing strawberries can also be planted in plastic self watering pots, with moderate water supply, a lot of sun exposure and a good soil.

Growing conditions

Strawberries flourish best in a climate with a lot of sun. Long days with warm temperature and cool nights is the best combination for this plant. To get a firmer fruit, you need sunny days and cool nights.

Growing strawberries in plastic self watering pots

The process is similar to growing strawberries in containers, just that plastic self watering pots give you the advantage of not worrying about the water supply of the plant. Put a good amount of fresh potting mix in the plastic pot; you need good soil with enough quality fertilizer added to it. Plant the strawberries and pay attention as not to bury the crowns when you water them. In 3 months, you'll enjoy your fruits.