Different Ways of Wearing Hijabs, with the Help of Hijab Pins

The way in which a woman wears her hijab depends upon her preference and comfort level. It is good to explore and find your own unique style of wearing these headscarves.

Following are the four main styles of wearing a hijab:

1. The first style involves wearing a pashmina shawl over the head, where one side is shorter than the other. Then using a hijab pin, the two edges are pinned together by folding them back behind the neck. While pinning, the scarf should remain smooth and neat. The longer edge is then brought around under the chin and the scarf is then taken all the way to the other end. Without any crease, the hijab should evenly fall around your shoulders. After a satisfactory placement, pin the other edge of the hijab around the neck.

2. In the second technique, hijab is worn in the same way as the first style. However, the difference is that this style is much more smoother and neater in appearance than the first style. The front portion of the hijab is pinned to the back of the person’s head, using unique hijab pins, as in the first style.

3. The third style of wearing a hijab is quite smart, as well as popular. Oblong hijabs are widely available these days, with various stores that sell wholesale Islamic clothing. These scarves are used in this third style. This method involves placing the Pashmina shawl on the head, with one side longer than the other. The scarf is folded behind the head and the two edges are pinned at the nape of the neck behind the head. Similar to other methods, make sure that the hijab front is smooth and without any crease. Take the longer edge of the scarf and bring it around from under the chin, all the way to the other side. The hijab can now be pinned under the year, or at the side of the head, as per the individual preference. The hijab can also be pinned at the back of the head, for a smarter and cleaner appearance.....

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