tackk makes it easy to differentiate learning in the classroom!

The first step is determining a baseline for each student through diagnostic assessment.

Ongoing monitoring and formative assessment is crucial in order to formulate and adjust student programs.

Adjustment to programming should cater to students' strengths and needs. Opportunities for learning should appeal to all learning styles in order to ensure student success.

Technology can be incorporated into student learning in order to appeal to various learning styles. Students can work at their own pace until they are ready to achieve higher level learning.

Students can use tackk at their own level, incorporating their own strengths at their own pace. It would be a great tool to use as a culminating task or ongoing log of student learning.

- Tackk is simple to navigate, and easy to share.
- Tackk incorporates visual-spatial, musical, verbal-linguistic, and logical-mathematical elements. It can be used for self-reflection (intrapersonal) or collaboration (interpersonal).
- Tackk is definitely a digital tool worth exploring in the classroom!

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