Digital and Infrared Thermometers Explained

A thermometer is device used for measuring temperature. There are various types of thermometers that use different methods and principles for measuring the temperature. Common and main components in all different types of thermometers are the temperature sensor and the numerical scale.

The temperature sensor receives information about the temperature gradient from physical changes that happen within the environment where temperature is being measured. The second part which is indispensable in every thermometer is the numerical scale. The purpose of the numerical scale is to display the received temperature into a numerical value.

Different thermometers work with different operating principles. Thereby there are thermometers that measure the temperature based on the thermal expansion of solid or liquid substances and thermometers that measure the change of gas during heating and cooling. Furthermore, there is a type of thermometer that gives information about the temperature of an object by measuring the infrared energy the same object emits.

The principles of the thermometer were known since ancient times. Since the 18th century, basic temperature measuring scales were used for reading temperature variations. The first thermometer was developed in the 3rd century BC in Byzantium. Since then these devices with the change in technology are developed to what are today – functional devices that give accurate temperature gradient measurements.

If you're trying to buy a digital thermometer online, it's good to know that the thermometer is widely used device in a wide variety of home and industry applications. With that being said, this device is indispensable piece of equipment that helps in the regulation of various industrial processes in several fields. The thermometer is most commonly used in applications related to heating and cooling systems, in industries which work on food and beverage processing, and in industries with larger scale of production, such as the automotive industry.

Today almost all industry facilities rely on the use of the thermometer for ensuring safe manufacturing practices. There are four main types of thermometers that are most commonly used in industries from different fields:

  • Bi-Metal thermometer;
  • Infrared thermometer;
  • Digital thermometer;
  • Liquid or gas-filled thermometer.

The operations where thermometers are used range from outdoor applications such as determining icing conditions on roadways during cold weather conditions, to indoor use like in climate control systems which include: air conditioners, water heaters, freezers and refrigerators.