A few digital 'gifts' for Summer!

1. Tackk

Make a one page website for free

Super easy to use

Make your materials easy to share

Student access 24/7 (flipped lesson possibilities)

Allow Comments / Discussion

Bring materials to life

There's an App too!

2. Edmodo

Safe / Secure Communications

Students love it (looks like Facebook). They love changing their Avatar!

Send documents / give feedback

Teacher controlled (approve / deny comments before public)

Awesome for BTEC grading

Can issue polls / quizzes / links / videos / announcements / assignments etc...wow!

There's an App! All of the above on the move!

3. Class Dojo

Create a positive reward-oriented environment in the classroom

Send visual weekly reports home to Parents. Just like I get from Nursery!

Students love the instant feedback. Students want the reports to go home.

Students more focussed and they love the 'ping'!

The App allows mobile reward giving

Extremely easy to use. You can weight the behaviours both positive and negative.

It complements SIMS!


  • All of the above is FREE with an email address. I recommend you use your school email address and the same password as you use for School. It can get a bit much remembering numerous passwords these days!
  • Like all things, it takes time and practice to make these tools work for you but the benefits are enormous! I find Tackk helps me access and store lessons and I update with the latest videos and news links. Edmodo is brilliant for BTEC feedback and EBI. Class Dojo superb for behaviour in Year 10 and 11.
  • Most of all...have fun! Ultimately, it won't make you a better Teacher (or maybe it will?) but it will definitely help you to work a little smarter and not harder...which can only be a good thing!

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