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Digital storytelling goes beyond just words in books. Join us for the Share My Lesson Virtual Conference as we present a topic that applies to so many educators trying to engage students in the blended classroom.

Things we'll cover

  • What is digital storytelling and why does it matter for your students?
  • What are real benefits of storytelling that apply in your classroom?
  • Digital storytelling for your subject (hint: it likely applies to what you teach)
  • What makes a good digital storytelling tool
  • Tools you can use right now to create and share your digital stories

Who's presenting?

  • Rafranz Davis: Instructional Technology Specialist for Arlington ISD in Dallas/Fort Worth area. As an advocate for passion-based learning, Rafranz uses her experience as a secondary math educator to help teachers integrate technology using innovative teaching strategies aimed at empowering students to be autonomous learners. Email her, Follow her on Twitter
  • Andria Trivisonno: Director of Partnerships at Andria has worked with web-based solutions for over 10 years and is passionate about helping youth connect, collaborate and create. Email her, Follow her on Twitter

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