Lessons in Library  Leadership

OELMA Leadership Thoughts by Angela Wojtecki

This Ted Talk video below is amazing-a 17 year old girl named Kate Simonds!

I highly recommend taking time and watching this. You will find that Kate mentions some huge take-aways: “As students we have no say in what we learn, or how we learn it, yet we are expected to absorb it all, take it all in, and be expected to run the world some day. We are expected to raise our hands to use the restroom, then three months later, be ready to go to college, or have a full time job, support ourselves, and live on our own. It’s not logical.”

Powerful stuff. Are we listening? Even if we are, are we doing anything about it? Way too often, “leadership” taps into a very small amount of people to generate ideas. The smaller group, the more limited we are in hearing different ideas. Once you decide the group that you listen to, you limit yourself to the ideas from those voices. This is why it is so important to open up communication and garner those ideas from anywhere. Innovation best flourishes in a flattened organization.

Do you ask students for their input about your library? Do you allow them to have a say in your collection and technology purchases? Do you see your students as possible leaders within your school and community? Future leaders-or present and future leaders?