Digitally Decorate
Your Classroom

By Kelli Gargus and Stephanie Phillips

What can we create?

Binder Covers - Supply Labels - Name Tags - Welcome to Class Postcards
Note from the Teacher - Book Bin Labels - Newsletter - Note Cards - tons of things!

What do we need?

PowerPoint - Digital Papers - Fonts - Clip Art

Today's Goals:

Create label/tag, banner, binder cover, and newsletter.
Print them and take them with you TODAY!

Search Tips

  • Keywords: free - digital scrapbook - font - clip art - classroom - digital paper - frame - border
  • In Pinterest - search for boards, not just pins.
  • Use quotation marks around words that you want to find in the exact order. Example - "free digital scrapbook paper"

Downloading Tips

  • Before you download a file, be sure you are clicking on the *file* and not an ad or software download. These are often mixed in on the page.
  • Note size of the file - may need to save everything to a flash drive instead of on the hard drive/Documents folder.
  • Download several files, then transfer all of them at once.
  • Zipped files - Windows will automatically unzip these when you open them.
    (**If opening file doesn't unzip; Right Click on Folder & select Extract)
  • Sometimes you have to "checkout" through a site to download it, even though the item is free. This is mainly so they can send you e-mails, updates, etc.
  • Downloading from Google - can save to Google Drive or to hard drive.
  • Download at home instead of school. This will give you more options.
  • Copyright Laws - If you want to sell it, you have to purchase a commercial license. Note: Some downloads will tell you it's ok to use for commercial use. Just be sure to check before deciding to sell something you've created.
  • You also can't just share the downloads with everyone on your staff. If they want a font or digital paper you have, they will have to download it from the site also.

Resources for Today

Name Tags
Paper - Rainbow Kit

Font - Cutie Patootie

Papers - Navy & Green (from Google)

Binder Cover & Dividers
Paper - Pretty Presets (add to cart)
Fonts - Janda Snickerdoodle & Century Gothic
Border - PureSweetJoy (from Dropbox)

Paper - Windchill Freebies

Creating Tips

  • Save as PowerPoint AND as a PDF or JPG.
  • Name tag: 3.5 x 2.25
  • Name plate: 3.25 x 9.5
  • Index card: 3 x 5, 4 x 6 or 5 x 8
  • Postcard: 6 x 4.25
  • Banner: 7 x 7
  • Newsletter: 8.5 x 11
  • Stretch the pattern past the edges of the "paper".

Basic Steps

  1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint
  2. Remove Text Boxes (Click on line of box, push Delete key on keyboard)
  3. Set size. Design - Page Setup. To get ruler/guides: View - Ruler or Guides. (PP-2013: Design - Slide Size to Custom Slide Size)
  4. Insert paper. Insert - Picture. (Locate folder that it is stored in.) Stretch it past the borders of the canvas using the corner handle.
  5. Crop paper. When selected, Picture Tools - Format. Crop by dragging crop marks to fit canvas OR go to Crop to Shape for a filled shape. Once adjusted, click Crop. You can also adjust the border (weight, color, etc.) by going to Picture Tools - Format - Picture Border.
  6. Insert text and/or clip art. Insert - Text Box. Insert - Picture. Adjust font, size, color, alignment, etc. You can also rotate text boxes and clip art to make them more interesting and visually appealing.
  7. Group. Select All (CTRL-A) and Group (Picture Tools - Format - Group).
  8. Copy & Paste to print more than one to a page. CTRL - C.  On the Home Ribbon, click the New Slide button. CTRL - V. Choose the blank slide.
  9. Save as type: PDF. (When you go to Save, click the down arrow under where you type the file name to change it under Save as Type:). If you've already saved it as a PowerPoint, you'll need to go to Save As instead of Save to change the type of file.
    (PP-2013: Select Folder/Location where you want it to save to then change the Save as Type:)

Clip Art / Image Tips

  • If the image is in PNG format, you can place it on anything. If it's NOT PNG, it will often add a white border.
  • Sometimes, you can remove the background of a picture if you need to. To do this, insert the picture, select it and go to Picture Tools - Format - Remove Background.
  • When you need to move something "just a smidge" but the arrow keys move it too far, hold down CTRL and tap the arrow key.

Printing Tips

  • Save as a PDF instead of a PowerPoint or JPG.
  • If printing at school, be selective.
  • Check sizes of Avery labels before creating.

Places to print:
School - Walgreens - WalMart - PCS (in Ozark) - Staples - Office Depot

A Few More Resources

All Digital Items
Classy Tech - Free Digital Scrapbook Goodies - Our Pinterest board
Tiny Ambitions - Pinboard
Teachers Pay Teachers (search for the free ones!)
Etsy (rarely free, but still cute)

Paper Resources
Where to Find Free Digital Scrapbook Paper - 9 sites

Font Resources
Free Font with PB & J - Pinboard
Kimberly Geswein Fonts
1001 Fonts

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