If you would like to follow along and create your own TACKK, visit the website tackk.com or download the app for iOS/Android devices. The session will begin shortly!

Interactive Notebooks Go Digital with TACKK

Nikki Parker -- Iraan High School

Email: Nikki.Parker@isisd.net     Twitter: @MrsNikkiParker     TACKK: @NLParker

Michelle Rinehart -- Region 18 ESC

Email: mrinehart@esc18.net


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You may also add comments, photos, GIFS, videos, and more at the end of the presentation. We encourage you to share with everyone how you have transformed your classroom and Interactive Notebooks using TACKK!

My Story

About a year and half ago, my school district went 1:1 with Chromebooks in the core subject areas (math, science, english, and history). This initiative requires that I continue to learn how to integrate technology into my classroom. From creating online storybooks, comics, data analysis, and implementing Google Apps for Education to make the classroom management portion easier for me, I knew that I was missing something that I desperately needed. Over the past couple of years, I have been using traditional interactive notebooks in my Algebra I and Geometry classrooms.

(The image below is created using ThingLink.)

(The image below is created using ThingLink.)

So I have been on the hunt for something that would allow me to create interactive notebooks DIGITALLY! In February 2015, I attended the TCEA conference in Austin, TX. One of the sessions provided the tool that I was needing/looking for to create a digital interactive notebook. I was introduced to TACKK, and fell in love...with the technology!

What is TACKK?

Why Digital INBs?

(1) Students use the Digital Interactive Notebook (D.INB) as a reference guide / personal textbook. I recommend that students create a new D.INB for each unit/project in class.

(2) Easily organize information. TACKK allows users to create headings, move things around, and add information as needed. 100% Customizable!

(3) Goes beyond the traditional notes and foldables. TACKK allows users to add pictures, videos, music, and links to websites and other online services.

(4) Allows access to the D.INB from any device: computer, Chromebook, tablet, and mobile device.

New Process Standards

The K-12 mathematics TEKS now include clarified and unified process standards. Read the following 4 (of 7) process standards and consider how they apply specifically to writing in mathematics:

  • Communicate mathematical ideas, reasoning, and their implications using multiple representations, including symbols, diagrams, graphs, and language as appropriate.
  • Create and use representations to organize, record, and communicate mathematical ideas.
  • Analyze mathematical relationships to connect and communicate mathematical ideas.
  • Display, explain, and justify mathematical ideas and arguments using precise mathematical language in written or oral communication.

Creating Your Own TACKK

Tasks to Accomplish

  • Add a Heading
  • Add a Button
  • Add an Image
  • Add Text
  • Customization: Color Palette, Font, and Background Pattern
  • Add Tag --> Use "TRC2015"
  • Log into TACKK (variety of multiple ways) - to publish board

Examples of D.INBs!!!





Digital Tools I Use


If you would like to follow along and create your own TACKK, visit the website tackk.com or download the app for iOS devices. I will be accessing TACKK using the link below!


I use several tools when creating a TACKK. I want to share some of my favorites.


  • Upload my own images, students can upload pictures of their work (from any device), images saved from TI-Nspire Teacher Software
  • Use a URL for the image (opens a good discussion on how to find Creative Commons images that are free to use and share)
  • YouTube -- I also create my own videos and upload to my YouTube channel
  • GIFS -- using giphy.com
  • Upload your own videos
  • ThingLink images -- images with links and additional information added

Buttons -- You Customize the Title

  • Online Tutorials (VirtualNerd, KhanAcademy)
  • Webpages for worked out math problems (RegentsPrep, Purplemath)
  • Online practice problems (iXL)
  • Remediation Links & Videos
  • Specific Note Pages, Class Worksheets -- from Google Drive (allows me to set sharing options)
  • Online Resources, Calculators, Graphing Calculators, GeoGebra.
  • Google Forms -- Quizzes, Tests
  • Anything with a URL that doesn't fit anywhere else.

Other Helpful TACKKs


Based on feedback from the session, you were all interested in how to create a template or a starter TACKK for your students. This option would also be good for students who were absent on the day of a new unit, or if you are starting a new project. Click on the box below to learn how to create an editable TACKK template.

As you review this TACKK, I would like for you to click over to the example that is included. This page has another great example of how TACKK can be used in a PBL lesson. Great information!!

Contact Nikki with any Questions

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Awesome! Thank you!!

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Here are some ideas from the session on different attributes to include inside of your digital interactive notebook:

2 years ago

** Writing samples/analysis on activities or projects

2 years ago

** Images/Videos of student work

2 years ago

** Link directly to online textbook assignments (I would use a button for this link!)

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New information added above on how to create an editable TACKK template! 😀