Best Digital Front Door Peephole Viewer Reviews - Camera - Video- Motion Sensor

When it comes to choosing a digital peephole viewer for your door, there are many options for you to consider.  The nice thing about these digital screens is that during the day you can see clearly outside AND they can't see your shadow through the viewer that you are inside.

The priority is your security.

You budget may determine which functionality you go with.  Perhaps you only need a the digital viewer and not a camera or video recording.  The more features that you want, the higher the price tag.

Do you get a lot of visitors at night?  Do you want night vision?  Remember that you will need to have a light outside too.

Top 5 Brands Buying Guide

Brinno is the most popular brand and has a few different options for you to choose from.  The basic model PHV1325 provides you with a digital viewer that is easy to install and easy to look at.  It has a 3.5" screen and the image is easy to see for people of any height and is similar to that on the display of a digital camera.

Brinno also has a motion activated model as well as bundled packages with knocking sensors.

Digiharbor has night vision, wide angle lense, video recording and photo taking.  It is an entry level system with strong customer reviews.

Lerwayhas a 3.5" screen which can also do wide angle viewing.  Simply push a button to see what is going on outside at any time.  Uses 3 AA batteries (not included).  You can read reviews here.

Specam has a small number of reviews for their products, but one that you can consider.

Wide Angle Peephole Door Viewer

All of the digital peephole viewers that I mentioned above have wide angle viewing.

Digital Peephole Door Viewer with Motion Sensor

It seems that the motion sensor ability with these viewers isn't as strong as customer would like.  There are very few reviews and what reviews that are available are not that strong.  You can read them out here.

Digital Peephole Door Viewer with Wifi

The wifi peephole viewers are more expensive than the mainstream versions of digitial peephole viewers.  You can check out the selection here and read reviews.

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