Digital Portfolios from the iPad
by Greg Kulowiec

One of the most challenging aspects of using an iPad is sharing any work that is created on the device with a public audience. At a recent workshop, I was helping teachers at a BYOD middle / high school explore the concept of digital portfolios. In order to prepare for the workshop, I wanted to make sure there was a viable method by which the students using iPads in these BYOD classrooms could create and share their portfolios.

The solution to this problem turned out to be a combination of Google Drive and Google Sites.  Here is an example of a digital portfolio that I created on an iPad:

As Google Sites has the ability to import and pull content directly from a Google Drive folder, nearly anything that is uploaded to Google Drive from an iPad can be shared on the student created digital portfolio through a Google Site.

The image below shows a folder in my Google Drive account where I placed content to later be imported into my Google Site:

Notice that there is a combination of:Google Document Video Content created with Explain Everything and Tellagami Images created with Skitch and Explain Everything

Once the content is organized into a portfolio folder in Google Drive, I was able to log into Google Sites through Safari to begin the process of building a digital portfolio. See the image below that shows how Google Drive content can be easily inserted into a site:

When using Explain Everything to create and export video content, be sure to complete the export directly from Explain Everything to Google Drive as a video file.

When video content is created in Tellagami, click on Share and then Save to export the video to the camera roll. Once in the camera roll, import the video content to Google Drive from within the Google Drive app.

When creating images files from either Skitch or Explain Everything, export the image to the iPad camera roll first and then import the image file to Google Drive from the Drive app that pulls from the camera roll:

I was hoping to also created a presentation with Keynote and export that file as a PDF to Google Drive & to later import onto my luck, it just doesn't work. A work around if you must include a presentation from Keynote would be to export as a PDF to Dropbox, copy the link to the file and past the link into a Google Site. Not pretty, but it works.

One technical tip that may help when attempting to share a portfolio:

1. Be sure to change the sharing settings from private to public with the link:

2. It is tough to copy the link to the site from the sharing menu. Instead, click on the "More" menu and scroll down to "Preview Page as Viewer" to copy and paste a shareable link to a Google Site from Safari on an iPad.