Digital Research for Next Generation Learners


An interactive concept map.  Great for brainstorming, pre-searching, narrowing a topic, and finding sources.  Adjust the reading level of the topic for the age of the reader.

A Google Drive App that allows for collaborative mind-mapping/brainstorming. The mind map saves to Google Drive.

Online tool for crowd-sourced brainstorming and voting.

Information Sources

FISD subscribes to a wide variety of educational resources and non-fiction eBooks.  Talk to your school librarian to learn all about them!

Research-oriented search engine primarily for use in education.

Search engine for education.  At the time of creating this, Sweet Search has been down for several months.

Content curation website. Add a topic to research and let bring the content to you!  High amount of blog and news articles are returned in the search.

An oldie but goodie...Create a custom Google search engine when you want students to only search specific sites.


Use Google Docs to create a research organizer then share with all students.  This organizer was developed by a FISD librarian.

A free, cloud-based program for taking notes.  With iPad, iPhone and Android apps, the use among a variety of devices is seamless.

A Chrome extension which allows the user to annotate on the webpage through highlighting and adding notes. Saves to Diigo Outliner account.

Google App which allows user to take notes and organize information.  Everything saves to Google Drive.

Citing Sources

A Google Docs add-on which builds a bibliography and saves in Drive.

A Google Chrome extension. Instantly creates a citation for a website when clicked while on a website.

Google-y Googness

Google's course management software.  Allows the teacher to disseminate and collect Google docs and assignments to students.

In the URL of any Google doc remove the last word (usually ‘edit’) and replace with ‘copy.’ Give the new URL to anyone and a copy will automatically be created when they put the URL into a browser window.

This Google extension consolidates all open tabs into a list of links.

Customize the size of your slide to create Publisher-like flyers or infographics.