Testing out the path we created for dash. Trouble shooting how to keep him safe. #peel21st

Digital Playground

#peeleyc Pop Up

Below you will find resources from our digital playground last night. Feel free to follow the hashtag #peeleyc or us on Twitter at @tina_zita & @LizUgoEYC.

Hands On Technology

Stop Motion Animation

Looking for an app for stop motion? Try Stop Motion Studio or NFB's Stop Mo Studio.

Want to learn more? Watch the following clip.


To learn more about Osmo, visit their website. Osmo is available through Indigo.


To learn more about Dash and his friend dot, visit their website Wonder Workshop.


Always a hit with kids and grown ups alike. You can find more on their site.

Green Screen

To download the Do Ink Green Screen app, click here: Do Ink Green Screen App from iTunes cost: $3.49

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3 Must Have Apps

There are so many great apps out there but here are 3 that can be used many different ways.

For our most techy minds

Sketch Nation Studio

Scratch Jr