Tackk is one of the easiest, quickest simple creation tools that I've found!  For years, I've worked with teachers and students, and some are ready for more complex tools, but many just want something to get the job done quickly & easily!  
Well, Tackk is a great go-to tool for that!

Possible Components
of a
Digital Portfolio


Possible Student Reflection Statement:
This is a picture of me holding the first book that I ever read all by myself. It was called, Cinderella at the Ball. When I was little, Cinderella was also my favorite movie. I can still remember the day that I read that book by myself. I was so excited and proud.



If the purpose of your digital portfolio is to create a chronicle of events over time,
photos and student reflections or memories can be a wonderful addition.

Digital images are inserted in a SNAP!
(Students or teachers can scan images that aren't digital.)

Artifacts of Success

PDF Files

The link above is to a PDF file that is stored in my Google Drive & made public on the web. I used the "Media" option to embed it. This creates a beautiful thumbnail-type image of the document with the title displayed on the right.

The "button" above links to the same file.  Tackk also allows for "buttons" to be created.  They are simply links.  So, in this case, I linked to the same PDF file that is stored and shared publicly in my Google Drive.

* To Note...the one thing I personally prefer about buttons vs. embedded media is that the buttons open the link in a new tab; whereas, the embedded files go directly to the file/website.  The viewer of the Tackk then needs to go BACK to your Tackk after viewing the file.


Photos can also be used as artifacts of success.  Today, most people have several devices at their disposal that can quickly and easily snap a photo.  Tackk allows quick and easy importing of photos.

* To Note:  In this case, before importing the photo of the test into Tackk, I used PicMonkey.com to add the heart overlay & text with an example of a reflection from Allie.

For more information on how to add text to an image using PicMonkey, click on the button below the image & reflection.

Possible Student Reflection Statement:
This is an example of a test that I took this year that I was very proud of.  I remember that I studied for 2 nights and did the study guide on time.  I felt happy and proud when my mom hung it on the bulletin board at home.  LOOK!  You can see the thumbtack in the picture!

Artifacts of Learning


A photo of a student holding an artifact of learning is a WONDERFUL way to document & celebrate the learning.  
(Primary Teachers: Parents will THANK YOU when they don't have to keep the big huge artifacts in boxes somewhere!)

Possible Student Reflection Statement:
This year, we learned about the three ships that Christopher Columbus and his crew sailed on in 1492.  We also learned a song about Christopher Columbus.  I made this picture and labeled the three ships. I used markers to draw, and Mrs. Ryan printed the words off of the computer.

Photo Collages

Possible Student Reflection Statement:
I remember when I was in first grade, we learned about Abraham Lincoln.  We learned a lot of facts about him, and then Mrs. Ryan taught us to put our information together into a paragraph using Four-Square Writing.  I remember working long and hard on this one paragraph.  Now, I write a paragraph like that in just minutes! When we were done with our writing, we made pictures of his log home using popsicle sticks!  It was so much fun!

Not sure how to make a photo collage? Click below!

Google Docs

To include a Google Doc into your Tackk, you can simply create a button or embed the media right within the Tackk!  Wow!

(Always remind students that included documents must be made public on the web via sharing in Google Docs.)

Google Sheets

There are several options for embedding Google Sheets into a Tackk.  You can use the media button to embed the actual spreadsheet (navigatable!) into the Tackk.  Or you can use a button to link to the spreadsheet.  Or you can take a screenshot of the spreadsheet and insert it as a photo & then link it.  

* To Note: Any images inserted/imported into Tackks have the option to embed a link within them!


The two links below are examples of how to link a Glog (interactive poster made using Glogster).  Again, the button links to the Glog by opening a new tab; whereas, the media option takes the viewer directly to the Glog (with the back button needed to return to the Tackk).



Google Slideshows


This ThingLink was a sample made for 5th grade students who were working through a poetry unit.  The students were learning the types of poems and then writing their own.  The 5th grade teacher and I worked together to create an opportunity for the students to publish their poems via a ThingLink.  We worked on this project for over a month. She did the ELA portion, and I did the tech part.  

For the technology portion of the assignment, the students "published" each of their poems in a different way.  They could choose any media with which we'd worked: Google Slideshows, Google Docs, Google Drawings, Movenotes, etc.  They made sure that all of these poems--regardless of the format--was published publicly to the web. (For example, if it was a Google Slideshow, they had to make it "public on the web.")

Then, they created an image using Google Drawings.  In that drawing, they inserted images that would become the "hot spots" or "links" in the ThingLink.  Finally, they exported the Google Drawing as a JPG and uploaded it to www.thinglink.com.  There, they created the hot spots/links and linked to their poems.


You can easily create & upload videos to Tackk.  There's no HTML to worry about...no embed code necessary...just copy & paste the URL & GO!


Audio is another element that is easily incorporated into a Tackk digital portfolio.  Using the media button and the audio file's URL...you are good to go!

For more information on audio in classrooms and podcasting, check out my publishing Tackk:

Links to Other Sites

Have a blog or other website you want to include in the portfolio?  Tackk makes it simple!

Possible Student Reflection Statement:

In 7th grade, Ms. Robinson spent part of our technology class time teaching us about blogs and blogging. We learned that a BLOG is a shortened word that means web-log. A web-log or blog is a way to publish your thoughts for a wider audience. You can write a blog about just about anything! For our technology class, we created a blog about our educational technology experiences at Creston School. When we learned a new program or skills, Ms. Robinson encouraged us to write a blog post about it. This was a neat way to chronicle our experiences in technology throughout the year. We used the program, Blogger, which integrates with our Google Apps for Education account.