Dimitri Athans - Profit Manager of the United Parcel Service (UPS)

Dimitri Athans currently serves as the profit manager of UPS. He completed his bachelor’s degree in finance at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) in 2009. During his stay at NJIT, he made it into the Dean’s List twice, and he also received the NJIT Professors’ Excellence Award for Quantitative Methods. Dimitri Athans is presently pursuing his master’s degree in finance at Rowan University.

He started out as a financial cost specialist of UPS in September of 2010. In that capacity, he built and audited the company’s district business plan. In 2011, Mr. Athans concurrently served as a managing partner of Capital Cookware Co. Under his management, Capital Cookware’s revenue increased by 250%.

In May of 2013, he took on the position of financial profit supervisor of UPS. He managed to improve the district’s overall profitability by working closely with the company’s sales and marketing teams. In January of 2015, Dimitri Athans took on his current role of profit manager of UPS.

Tennis Tactics - The Serve-and-Volley, Chip-and-Charge, and Lob

As an undergraduate at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Dimitri Athans captained the men’s tennis team. Currently a financial profit supervisor with UPS in Philadelphia, Dimitri Athans plays in men’s leagues for soccer, hockey, football, and tennis.

Except at the most amateur of levels, tennis players do more than simply hit the ball back and forth over a net until someone makes a mistake. Even though many points at all levels are scored on unforced errors, most players learn and practice various strategies and tactics to exploit perceived weaknesses in their opponents’ games or to enhance their own strengths.

One well-known tactic that’s not as frequently seen among professional players as it once was is the serve-and-volley. Immediately upon serving, the server runs to the net and hits the opponent’s return before it hits the ground. A defensive version called chip-and-charge involves the player chipping the ball (hitting it with a forehand or backhand stroke just after it’s bounced and is on the rise) and then charging the net to handle any return as a volley.

One way to counter either the serve-and-volley or the chip-and-charge is to lob the ball over the head of the player rushing the net, forcing him or her to reverse course to play it. A lob must be hit high enough that your opponent can’t jump and hit it, but the higher you hit it, the more time your opponent has to track it down and play.

Sky’s the Limit - The Enduring Popularity of James Bond Collectibles

Dimitri Athans is a profit manager with United Parcel Service, Inc., who engages with the marketing and sales teams in driving revenues. A big fan of James Bond movies, Dimitri Athans enjoys collecting Bond-related items.

There is a major market for James Bond collectibles, with longevity across eras. The release of a new movie every couple years drives significant increases in the value of older items. One of the most well-publicized sales involved Ursula Andress’ white cotton bikini (with futuristic belt), which she famously wore in the first Bond movie, Dr. No. Kept in her wardrobe’s bottom drawer since the 1960s, the find sold at auction for more than 40,000 pounds in 2001.

The popularity of Bond actors also affects prices: a jacket Roger Moore wore in The Spy Who Loved Me in the late 1970s went for 11,700 pounds, while a pair of shoes Pierce Brosnan wore in GoldenEye brought only 1,000 pounds at auction. Daniel Craig has been surprisingly popular among collectors. A suit he wore in 2012’s Skyfall, expected to fetch 3,000 pounds, was sold for 46,850.

Hollywood Speculation - The Next James Bond

Dimitri Athans, a profit manager for UPS, enjoys playing sports and watching movies in his free time. Dimitri Athans particularly enjoys the James Bond franchise of films and maintains an in-depth knowledge of the series.

In early September of 2016, cinema fans began hearing and repeating rumors that actor Daniel Craig had received a $150 million offer to return as James Bond in the series' next film. The circulated report suggested that co-distributor Sony was highly motivated to retain his services at all costs, despite his highly publicized assertions that he was not interested in returning.

However, recent reports from sources close to casting professionals assert that these reports are unfounded. Sources remind reporters that Sony lacks the authority to make such an offer, and that Craig believes himself unequal to the physical demands of two sequential Bond films.

Meanwhile, new speculation has begun to circulate on other actors who may be in line to accept the role of the famed secret agent. These include Tom Hiddleston, known worldwide as Loki in the Marvel movie franchise, who many believe to be a top runner. Other potential Bonds include The Wire's Idris Elba, X-Men's Michael Fassbender, and the X-Files's Gillian Anderson.