Dimitri Dimitroyannis

Education in Medical Physics

About Dimitri Dimitroyannis

A trained physicist with experience in business and the medical field, Dimitri Dimitroyannis earned his Ph.D. in experimental nuclear and high-energy physics at the University of Maryland. Some years later, he completed a residency in clinical medical physics at the University of Minnesota. Currently enrolling at the Olin School of Business, Washington University, Dimitri Dimitroyannis anticipates receiving his master of business administration (MBA) in late 2014.

Dimitri Dimitroyannis launched his career at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, followed by an appointment at the Dutch Institute for Nuclear Science in Amsterdam, NL. He worked as a research scientist, designing and implementing, among other things, a gas-jet mechanism used in technical processes, such as deep inelastic scattering. Following his medical physics training, Dimitroyannis accepted the position of director clinical medical physics at Kansas City Cancer Centers, in Kansas City, involved in the medical physics management of six radiotherapy centers.

Dimitri Dimitroyannis has served New York's Presbyterian Hospital since early 2014. As the chief of medical physics at the facility's Stich Radiation Center, he directs operations across a busy academic clinic, sporting cutting-edge equipment, and a team of medical physicists and trainees. Under his leadership, the team treats over 110 patients every day.

A contributor to the knowledge base in his field, Dr. Dimitroyannis has written and co-written over 49 articles published in peer-reviewed journals.